489. Ziggy’s Diary: 17

New ashram. New revelation. This one uses mandalas. Having something to look at changes the experience completely for me. My mind still wanders but it wanders more into the realm of fantasy than my earthly problems, blames, etc and a little bit into philosophy but only a little. And this guru told me the wandering is part of the experience.

It’s a kind of gift, he said, that each time your mind wanders you have the opportunity to return to meditation. And the more times you return to meditation the easier it will be to return again in the future. Interesting way to think about it but even better a good way to quit beating myself up about failure.

Part of me wants to immediately apply this trick to the rest of my life. Like if only each fight with Daron were a gift from the universe to allow us to get back together, making coming together easier and easier over tim


















  • Stacey says:

    Ominous mid-sentence journal entry cutoff! EEK!
    And on a Friday!

    Well played, but I don’t have to like it 🙂 Now I’m going to fret about Ziggy all weekend.

  • Despite the glitch (Ctan: if you’d meant an intentional interruption, you would have used elipses, right…?), this was one of the best posts ever.

    It’s a real insight, both for Ziggy and all the rest of us, to understand that even calamity and conflict open the door to deeper understanding and even, eventually, peace. Great entry.

    • ctan says:

      It’s intentional. Since what we’re seeing is what Ziggy put on the page, he didn’t use ellipses. He just stopped writing.

      He’s been sort of blithe about his chase for enlightenment up to now. But he’s starting to realize some things about himself and how he’s affected the people around him, and those epiphanies can be shockingly painful.

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