581. Can’t Live Without Your…

We left the club in a stretch limo, Tony driving, and headed up the West Side Highway. No, maybe it was the east side. I don’t know. I was too busy kissing Ziggy.

I know. Sarah was sitting there, looking smug and watching. But I had reached some limit on my patience or my sanity or something. Do you think I had been able to keep my eyes off him while he was dancing? When every twitch of his hips and curve of his hands was so obviously aimed at driving me out of my mind?

So I was out of my mind, kissing him in front of someone he’d just met, in the back of a car with blackout windows, with no idea what I was thinking.

Well, I wasn’t thinking.

I will tell you what I expected. Somehow I expected I was going to kiss him until we got wherever we were going and then he was going to leave and I was going to go and have a vicious wank in the shower.

He eventually freed his mouth from mine. “You could come upstairs, you know.”

“Hm?” Words were not sinking in.

“At the hotel. Sarah, do you mind if I borrow him for tonight? I’ll send him back in the morning.”

“Bring him to the meeting at two o’clock,” she suggested.

“Mm, that’s a good idea. Earth to Daron, you all right with that?”

I absorbed that they had conspired to send me to Ziggy’s bed. I made an affirmative noise against Ziggy’s throat, where his sweat was salty. I’d try to remember to say thank you later.

When we got upstairs, I pressed him against the wall behind the door. Because the two minutes of acting nonchalant that the lobby and elevator had required had been almost impossible to get through. I shed my leather jacket. My palms found his hips; my lips found his ear.

“You need me,” he whispered while I worked on his belt buckle with my hands.

I looked up sharply. “Don’t make me regret it.”

His eyes went round and he pulled my face close with an urgent hand. “That’s not what I meant. It… It was just something to say. Not a threat.” His thumb stroked my cheek, placating. “Don’t be hard, Daron.”

“Hard.” My hands were in the small of his back now, against his bare skin, where they had wanted to be all night. “What do you mean?”

His voice was soft. “I can’t take you angry right now.”

I made myself take a breath. “I’m not angry. Just…” I didn’t have a word for it. Needy, maybe, but that was what he said, and I didn’t want to echo it when that was what might have made me border on angry in the first place.

“Come on.” He pulled me by the hand into the room. It was different from the one he stayed in last time I was here. This one had french doors separating the bedroom from the parlor.

Don’t be hard, he had said. I guess he meant except in one important sexual way. He lay me back on the bed and crawled over me. And gave himself to me like a gift.

Like a gift.

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  • Lenalena says:

    I can happily say that particular bit of bland never made it to Europe. Gotta love the leg warmers though. Or are they knee high chaps?

  • sanders says:

    Haven’t read the post yet because I had to stop and / about Nelson. They were so terrible, but I was 11 and loved them madly, and it’s making me grin today.

    • ctan says:

      There has always been, and will always be, some flavor of pretty boy band whose main job is to induce squeeing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. (Shut up, Daron.)

  • Dave says:

    I’ve really liked this story, and I’ve been happy to contribute where I can, but… Is the story going to progress beyond these two mooing over each other in anything like the next couple of months? I feel like the story is really bogged down in the details of the Ziggy and Daron show.

    • ctan says:

      Hey Dave, nice to see you here!

      We have a policy around here against telling what’s coming up so I can’t tell you about what is going to happen… but I can at least say there will be things beyond Daron mooning over Ziggy.

      • s says:

        I don’t know how I missed this comment before but man…we just went through 200 chapters of hell while they were apart. I, for one, can’t get enough of Daron *finally* showing Ziggy how much he loves and needs him. It gives me hope that maybe their future isn’t as fragile as it seems…

        • ctan says:

          Different people read the story for different things.

          • s says:

            I meant no disrespect. I was honestly just shocked. Even the die-hard “Ziggy will destroy you” people seem to be happy for D and Z lately. It doesn’t seem like there have been that many of those chapters. To each his own, I guess.

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