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1100. Rocket Man

One of the advantages of Ziggy being in stealth mode a lot then, was that his hair didn’t have a lot of stuff in it. Which meant I could run my fingers through it. Right then it was silkier than a conditioner commercial. So was mine. He buried his nose in it and breathed. “You […]

1099. Under the Bridge

(Happy Christmas Eve, folks!) — Ziggy and I had a surprisingly nice dinner for being cooked in the mini-kitchen of the extended stay place. Ha! That tells you how my standards had changed. This “mini” kitchen was easily twice the size of the one in the Fenway studio I used to live in. Somewhere along […]

1096. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

I ended up going back to the hospital, getting Ziggy, and then bringing him back to the hotel so I could tell him the whole story in four-part harmony, without interruptions or worrying who might overhear. He listened, sitting on the very rectangular couch, with one knee crossed over the other, a cup of lukewarm […]

1093. Sting Me

A smile was not the reaction I had when I saw Lilibeth standing there, but it was Ziggy’s. I’m not sure he smiled because he was putting on a front for her or if he was truly delighted that now he wouldn’t be bored. Or both. I know. Or both. “Lilibeth Marks, I do declare,” […]

1091. Achy Breaky Heart

Claire came out of surgery some time that evening. The words I remember the doctor using were that she was “out of immediate danger” and wondering how that was different from him saying “we’ve staved off the inevitable.” Maybe it wasn’t. I didn’t ask. Maybe Remo did. I wasn’t absorbing a lot.