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Twist and Crawl

It took me a long time to get back to Remo’s. I think maybe there’s some chance that heatstroke had something to do with that. Or maybe I just felt like shit.

Long Distance Runaround

We had voted to drive straight through. (Nobody else had liked Texas much either, apparently.) We could always pull off at a motel in the night, we figured, if no one was up to driving. Carynne had mapped us a route that clipped through a corner of New Mexico, 969 miles to be exact from […]

So Far Away

Carynne left in the morning for Boston, telling the others she had a family emergency to take care of, and I played along, taking charge of the day book and delegating Kevin to be Bad Ass if we needed any tough talking or arguing down the way. We had a six hour drive to Athens […]

Long Distance Dedication

I’m glad that Jordan turned out to be an incredibly cool dude, and that he didn’t turn the album into top 40 crap, and that he and I spent a lot of late nights talking about music and history and stuff. That wasn’t the only eventful thing in the spring besides my birthday of course. […]