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Song for Whoever

Finally had a chance to chat a bit with Matthew in that green room. About nothing consequential, you know. But it was good to have people in my life who I didn’t have to try to impress. Speaking of which, Jonathan was at that show, too, but later. I felt like having told Remo that […]

Hazy Shade of Winter

When I opened the door to my hotel room I could see my leather jacket was on the corner of the bed nearest the door , as if someone had dropped it off in a hurry. I stepped on the day sheet on my way over to check that my wallet was in the inside […]

I Remember You

The Garden State Arts Center. Of all the places we played, this was the one I’d been to the most. When I was growing up, we lived so close, and there were always people with tickets, and when I was in high school there really wasn’t anything else to do besides go to the Shore […]

Really Saying Something

I’d been so wrapped up in Colin’s guitar lesson that I had lost track of time. I’d gotten out of the habit of being onstage noodling around and playing before the crew was ready, and given how uncomfortable Chris said it made him, perhaps that was a good thing. It only just then occurred to […]

The Politics of Dancing

I was neither worried nor upset by the fact that Ziggy was nowhere to be found when we left the hotel. Digger and Carynne were both around, and managing him was their job now. As it turned out he was sitting on the loading dock of the music hall when we pulled up, holding hands […]

We Will Rock You

We waited around a bit more, but Ziggy didn’t reappear at the hotel. Bart wrote a note and left it on the bed with the name and address of the club just in case, and we took a cab up there. Tipitina’s was like an oversized honky tonk, rustic wood, minimally fancy lights; you could […]