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The Flat Earth

I walked. Digger didn’t try to follow me, though the cabbie yelled at me as I slammed the door. I cut over one block and then kept walking uptown. Summer heat rose up out of the sidewalk but it felt good to be walking, because then at least I was doing something beside thinking “what […]

Art: Daron by Tab Kimpton

Happy Thanksgiving to US readers, and happy 3rd Thursday in November to everyone else. I’ve got one more special post to do today before regular Daron posts start again. Some of you may remember I took donations some months ago with the intention of passing them on to artists for commissions. Tab Kimpton is one […]

February Donation Campaign: Support the Art(s)!

Cecilia here, with a note on our next big thing. Crowdfunded fiction and crowdfunded art have a lot in common. (And webcomics are both, you might say!) I follow a fair number of webcomics & illustrated serials and I notice many of my favorite artists take commissions. What I thought would be fun is if […]