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Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

(Look for a post this Saturday thanks to donations topping $100 in the top jar! -ctan) — When you go to a wake organized by a disc jockey, you do your grieving while dancing. I couldn’t shake the feeling that a lot of people were there not because Freddie Mercury meant anything to them, but […]

I’ve Been Thinking About You

“The problem with writing songs with you,” Sarah said in the morning, when I had put the guitar away and she had put some waffles in the toaster, but we hadn’t yet slept, “is that you write these things that sound so great with the guitar riffs and then when you’re gone it sounds kind […]

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

I had figured we would go down to Houston–which, by the way, is pronounced How-stin, not like the city in Texas–and catch a cab, because that was what Antonio had been planning to do. But when we got to the corner, there happened to be a limo sitting there, the driver leaning against the door, […]