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Call It Rock and Roll

I called Ziggy when I got upstairs. I got his machine. I left the number of the hotel and my room number. Then I opened the minibar wondering if there was any Gatorade in there. There wasn’t, but there was Coke. And Jack. Which meant there was Jack and Coke.


Remo and I went into the hotel bar for a nightcap. I got my bourbon in soda instead of straight up since we were in Florida and it seemed more appropriate for hot weather, even though it had turned into a pleasantly cool night out. I figured I could use the hydration, anyway. And the […]

Can’t Stop

The phone rang gratifyingly quickly. “Yellow,” I answered. “I guess you’re not sleeping either.” “I’m on West Coast time,” Ziggy said. “Where it’s only three in the morning.” “Uh huh,” I said, unconvinced.

Cold As Ice

There’s not much to tell about the next day. We had some tech glitches with the live rig, but between Kevin and Colin and me and Christian and the guys from the venue they were eventually worked out. Soundcheck was a non-event, as if we were all working so hard not to be nervous about […]