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Love Is Like Oxygen

What a difference some oxygen makes. I woke up on our second day in Chile feeling like I’d fallen down a flight of small flight of stairs, which was an improvement to waking up feeling like I’d been run over in the middle of the night by a cement truck. I was hungry, which was […]

20th Century Boy

I went to my room. I wasn’t surprised to find Colin crashed out there. I tried to sneak in quietly and not wake him but he sat up and turned on the light. “Hey.” He blinked groggily. “Nice to see you.”

Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing

(Happy Fourth of July everyone!) I was not in the mood for a party after the show, but there was going to be one whether I was in the mood or not. When you drag a bunch of young, creative people partway across the planet and then have several thousand people scream adulation at them, […]

Thursday Fanwork: John Mills on a shitty day by Mark Treble

[To sign up for a Thursday post, go here for more information.] The second of the Thursday Fanworks is fiction by Mark Treble, a follow-up to Flip’s Story. Mark’s standard note still applies: This is a work of fiction and all names used are fictional. It is fan fiction based on the “Daron’s Guitar Chronicles” […]

Thursday Fanwork: Flip’s Story by Mark Treble

The first of the Thursday Fanworks is fiction by Mark Treble, who included the following note: This is a work of fiction and all names used are fictional. It is fan fiction based on the “Daron’s Guitar Chronicles” series by Cecelia Tan. There are no copyright restrictions on this work and it is free for […]

To Be With You

Shit. Why did I ask him to come to St. Louis? It sure as hell wasn’t so he could watch me drop a guitar pick and almost crack a kneecap I went down so fast with a spasm in my hand so bad it felt worse than the fucking knife had.

Run to You

The anxiety that hit when I got Ziggy’s page with his landing time was like a railroad spike to the throat. In a weird way that was better than the railroad spike to the head I’d been experiencing, though. And it was weirdly better than the stake-through-the-heart feeling that Ziggy-angst used to give me.

Let the Music Do the Talking

“This is the biggest music venue in the United States,” Louis told me while I was waiting around for soundcheck. “Bigger than a football stadium?” I was sitting on the edge of the stage and he was walking around to keep his knee from stiffening up. The place was a shed: a covered stage with […]

Black Magic Woman

I got through the show that night without too much trouble, but as I might have mentioned, doing three nights in a row can really be rough on the body and the band. At least all three of these were in the same venue so it wasn’t quite as tough as having to do the […]


I saw stars. They looked like glowing worms burning twisty patterns in the stucco ceiling. When was the last time I came that hard? Fuck. The sound of Jam gagging jolted me awake more effectively than the orgasm itself. I was also pulling his hair kind of hard and I don’t think it was to […]