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I Will Dare

When we rolled into Albuquerque I was ready to not be cooped up in the bus anymore, but I wasn’t looking forward to being cooped up in my room either. And honestly I needed a break from a night of socializing the Nomad way, which even if it sometimes involved getting on a stage always […]

Promised You a Miracle

I learned something I didn’t know from the vocal coach. I freely admit I knew only the rudiments of singing. You learn a little by osmosis in music school, even if you’re not in voice. I sang in my junior high school choir one year, too, and learned a little bit there. You know how […]

Pop Song ’89

In the morning, it was seven days until Ziggy’s thirty were up. Jonathan had a meeting, so he got up, somewhat bleary from a hangover, and I got up with him, somewhat bleary from staying up too late. But I wanted to do some shopping and so I drove him to the meeting and dropped […]