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Mountain Song

I took I-10 east and was amazed to find the mountains coming into view as I cleared the city and the sky lightened. It was impossible to tell how far away the mountains were or how big. For once I had no traffic and I sped along. As the sun was rising, I stared at […]

Bad Case of Loving You

I really wasn’t in my right mind when I got sucked into the conversation with Digger and Mills. But I did anyway. Mills was hanging around backstage, in the slightly larger room from the one we’d kept band-only. Like last night, the music industry people quotient was high here, too, which I expected. After all, […]

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

The next morning, I woke to the sound of giggling. It took me a moment to remember it wasn’t just some groupie having a laugh. Then I started listening to what they were saying. They were in the back lounge, and with the AC currently running on low, I could hear them well enough. “A […]