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Understanding AIDS and the world of DGC by Amanda

I was inspired to highlight this significant event when I read Joe’s timelines (thanks Joe!) posted in May. I work in Health Promotion and am really interested in how community attitudes shape our approach to health. Understanding AIDS, June 1988. Approximately 107 million English-language versions of the brochure, Understanding AIDS, were distributed to every home […]

Five Fun Freebies by Lenalena

Besides our beloved Daron, there is a lot of free fiction on the internet. Not everything is good. There is a lot of dross, but there are many gems as well. In this contribution to the Thursday posts I am going to share a few of the original (not fanfiction) short stories that I have […]

Quotes. And more quotes by Chris K.

In today’s fan post, Chris K. has compiled an amazing collection of quotes. She writes: “For me, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles has been like taking an unbelievable journey with an All Access Backstage Pass. From the first chapter, I was hooked. The story drew me in and has never let go. I found myself talking about […]

Timelines by Joe

  Joe has created timelines sliced and diced so that no matter how you want to view all the events in Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Volumes 1 & 2, there’s a timeline for you. To view, just click on the image and watch it expand in your browser!   All the Events!   All the Events! […]

Alternate universe fic!

Today we’ve got an “alternate universe” fanfic from Mel, inspired by the many times Daron has mentioned his recurring dreams about being a busboy (viz: a comment in 2013, chapter 546, and chapter 579). This one has some graphic sex, so please only read it if you are legally able (i.e. of age) to read […]

Devil in Her Heart by Bonnie Sinnock

Author’s note:  This story is told from Claire’s – Daron’s mom’s – point of view.   I had that dream again about my lost boys, the one that’s triggered whenever I catch a hint of their work in the open air. I’m in my choir robes, but instead of the organ playing, I’m backed by […]