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Brothers in Arms

That night’s show had no collisions. No injuries. And “Candlelight” was the best it had been on the tour yet. On the line about praying, Ziggy crossed himself and everyone in the audience did, too. People talk a lot about God and the holy spirit. I think the most powerful force is humans themselves, the […]

The Proclaimers

(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it. If you’ve been trapped with your biological family all day, welcome back to your rock and roll family. -daron) — This was the absurdist tableau before me: my roadie holding back my drummer from attacking my sherpa who was being held back by my other drummer. One burly, one […]

Beastie Boys

Back at the palatial hotel, Flip and Colin were on me to take a better look at the gash on my head. There was blood crusted in my hair, partly sticking the headband to it, and I was overall gross, so the obvious solution was for me to get in the shower and try to […]


Ziggy was an expert at reading a crowd and manipulating their moods. I wasn’t really, not in a conscious way, which was why I appreciated his skill so much. That night he sensed that what the crowd wanted was more of me. More of him and me together at the front of the stage, and […]

The Great Pretender

Carynne would later tell me that Argentina was much more “guitar-focused” (her term) than other parts of South America, so if I was going to be chased through the streets anywhere with a frenzy nearly equal to Ziggy’s, it was going to be here. I’m not completely sure that’s true, but it was also the […]

Working Class Hero

The flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires is maybe two hours, definitely not as long as three. Enough time for Ziggy to sleep through pretty much the whole thing. Enough time for me to make a couple more passes by the galley to refill my pocket with teeny bottles of booze. Just in case. I […]