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Laid So Low

Someone banging on the door very hard woke me up. I wondered if the motel was on fire. Someone was calling my name, too. I was groggy and wondered what time it was. I sat up and then I could hear two voices. The fainter one was Claire. The other one was a man’s voice. […]

911 is a Joke

(Two bits of news hit today regarding DGC, one good, one not so good. I posted details in a public post at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/bam-biz-strikes-23101115 ! -ctan) — I had left Claire’s door with the lock thrown so I could let myself back in. She had heated up a pot of water using the in-room coffee […]

Running on Empty

What the hell are emotions, anyway?

Brothers in Arms

That night’s show had no collisions. No injuries. And “Candlelight” was the best it had been on the tour yet. On the line about praying, Ziggy crossed himself and everyone in the audience did, too. People talk a lot about God and the holy spirit. I think the most powerful force is humans themselves, the […]

The Rhythm of the Heat

I woke up desperately tired after two hours of sleep and could not remember where I was. It was dark and I could hear someone breathing but I couldn’t tell who from what I could hear. The bed didn’t feel like Ziggy’s bed.

Bitter Tears

The only light in the apartment came from the streelights and the bluish glow of the numbers on the VCR. I could see no colors at all. A few feet away, Ziggy slept in the grand centerpiece bed, under a snow white duvet, his closed, lined eyes and tousled dark hair like slashes of urgent […]