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823. Bitter Tears

The only light in the apartment came from the streelights and the bluish glow of the numbers on the VCR. I could see no colors at all. A few feet away, Ziggy slept in the grand centerpiece bed, under a snow white duvet, his closed, lined eyes and tousled dark hair like slashes of urgent […]

713. Man in the Box

(Kickstarter is live and already 35% of the way to reaching our minimum! Check it out and tell your friends: http://kck.st/1RFanDN) — One of the things that sucks the most about things sucking is that the suck is contagious. Outer suckitude eats away at the walls holding back the inner suck. At least, that’s how […]

571. What I Am

We went into the studio. The feeling of calm that having him in my arms gave me–quieting the annoying part of my brain that cried like a lonely puppy whenever he wasn’t there–gave way to the unsettled feeling of walking across unknown terrain. Except writing together was familiar enough ground, wasn’t it? Not when I […]

336. New Model Army: Vagabonds

(Don’t forget to vote in the DGC Reader Poll to let me know who you want the next back-up story to be about… Vote here: https://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/1904. Meanwhile, donations this week so far have triggered a bonus post for both this Saturday and next! They will appear barring holiday madness keeping me from writing! -ctan) * […]