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562. It’s All I Can Do

(Are you joining in the re-read from the beginning? Posting again now at Wattpad! http://www.wattpad.com/story/49160-daron%27s-guitar-chronicles One chapter a day is appearing there from now until it’s caught up! If you do start reading again there, please note you can vote for each chapter! Click the star in the upper right corner on each new chapter […]

561. I Go To Extremes

(News: On Monday we will start an “official” re-read of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles on Wattpad! Posts #1-30 are live already over there, people are leaving comments on those chapters, please join in! And on Sept 15, we’ll officially begin posting new chapters daily from #31 until we’re caught up! -ctan) — What ensued was a […]