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Into the Great Wide Open

I took a hot shower to ger the kinks out of my neck but at rehearsal I discovered that the band was at least as off kilter after a week off as my emotions were after the experience of the previous night. Part of that might have been that Ziggy, seeming contrite, was subdued and […]

I Still Believe

I managed to sleep a few more hours after that. Get tired enough and no matter how fucked up my life is and I will always beat insomnia eventually. It’s not always convenient when I do, but it wasn’t like I was on a schedule right then. “Hey,” Ziggy said when we were halfway through […]

King of Wishful Thinking

(Thanks to the generous donations of readers this week, here is a Saturday story post! -ctan) It’s not like I didn’t know we had issues. Me and Ziggy had massive issues. It’s not like we were using sex to cover them over or ignore them. But I think if we were in unspoken agreement on […]

Be Still My Beating Heart

I meant it when I said that “compromise” is part of the package if you’re going to be a professional musician, if what you mean by compromise is you accept that you might not just be able to scream the word “fuck” two hundred times and call it a song. Or any other thing that […]

If You Leave

We walked down Boylston Street. The night air was breezy, humid in that end-of-summer way. “I can tell you’re upset,” Ziggy said. “In the sense of, like, the apple cart in my mind flipped over, yeah.” I took a deep breath of the night air. We were passing the hotel where Jonathan and I had […]

Don’t Let Me Down

We walked toward the Sunset, though if it was really crowded there we might keep going until we found somewhere quieter. The Sunset had many many beers to offer, and the result was usually many many people trying to get in. “You hungry?” he asked. His feathered hair fluttered as he walked. “Carynne took me […]