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Divine Thing

Salt water is bad for wood. You don’t want to know what tears did to the varnish on the top of the Miller. Okay, I’m being dramatic. It wasn’t any worse than the spot on the body where the sleeve of my flannel shirt wore it thin. We all get scars on our skin from […]

Heaven Sent

I was the last of my mother’s children to arrive at her room that night. All my sisters were already there. I’m not really sure Claire still was. She had lapsed into unconsciousness shortly after asking for me. Remo and the three of them were gathered around her bed, waiting to see if she would […]

That’s Entertainment

So much for peyote not being dangerous. When Paco woke up, it turned out he had sprained/broken his ankle while tripping, which makes for a pun so obvious I’ll just leave it at that. Because of the drugs he either hadn’t felt how bad it was or hadn’t cared, and when he woke up it […]

Hey Hey, What Can I Do

Energy came back to me slowly and I got up to find Colin had already dismantled my rig and carefully stowed the guitars in their cases. He was working with Chris and Kevin on getting the drum kit apart. “Thanks, man,” I told him. “No sweat,” he replied, handing me a cymbal stand. “You’re paying […]

Never Stop

The opening band was called the Rebellious Doodads or something and I was reminded of a lot of the Providence bands we used to see–sloppy in a fun sort of way, earnestly jokey. We gave them high fives and that kind of thing and then took our turn. I’ve talked about video filming before, the […]