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Lawyers in Love

I think I was supposed to be impressed by the law office. It had extra cushy-feeling carpets in a gray color that was so light it was almost white, which had to mean it was expensive to clean. Out of the elevator the entrance to their office suite had chrome accents and a frosted glass […]

Thorn in My Pride

When I woke up in Ziggy’s bed the next morning, he wasn’t there. I was a little disoriented. I knew where I was, and I knew the general situation: I was in New York instead of Tennessee because… of stuff.

Don’t Lose My Number

I don’t know which were the more exhausting conversations I had that week, the ones with the lawyer or the ones with Lacey. They were equally difficult to understand, but sometimes you just have to go along with things and hope you figure them out later. The lawyer’s name was Harold Feinbaum, and the first […]

(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

It was two o’clock when I went up to the studio, and from the look of the pile of gear inside the door Chris had been there and then left. I set about setting up his Roland D-50 for myself on the off chance that I might have to play it. I was never a […]