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Mother’s Little Helper

Remember to join Daron for a chat from 8-9p tonight and me on YouTube at from 9p-10p eastern time! — The week following her treatments was pretty miserable. There’s no other way to put it. I can give you the medical terms like “digestive difficulties” but those words don’t really convey what it was […]

Other Voices

I want you to understand what I was going through, but I didn’t understand it myself, and I still don’t. So I’ll just tell you what was happening and maybe you can figure it out. I don’t mean what was happening logistically: what had happened in that realm was I had become the person Claire […]

Ultra Unbelievable Love

(The DGC 9th anniversary is almost here! Join us November 1st for live chat! One hour with Daron in the DGC chatroom here on the site and one hour with ctan via video livestream!) — So the thing about Courtney going back east when she did was that it was before she could broker any […]

On a Plain

Western Tennessee has milder winters than Boston does, but it’s not exactly tropical. The day I drove Courtney to the airport there was horizontal sleet freezing to the windshield. It did not make for a relaxing jaunt. A pickup truck passed us and sprayed gunk from its wheels. “I hope the pilots have better visibility […]


“Put her in with me,” Courtney said when we got to the motel.We’d stopped for a real dinner, maybe to get the taste of a ten-hour long fight out of our mouths. Claire had been unnaturally quiet during the meal. She also had eaten very little. “I’ve got two beds and I’m leaving in like […]


The day after Christmas isn’t necessarily a let-down. Sometimes it’s a relief, you know? What I felt most on the day after Christmas, though, was restless. We’d spent so long working our way up to it that now that it was over, a large part of my brain was like okay, now what? The fact […]

She’s Gone (Lady)

Remo took Mel and Ford back to the motel, and I took Court and Ziggy. When we got there Remo asked if I wanted to pour one out for Jordan and I said yes. Ford could sleep through just about anything so we all gathered in Remo’s room where the motel staff had put a […]

Even Better Than the Real Thing

We didn’t leave right away. I pulled myself together and washed my face again and we stayed until Landon had fallen asleep on the couch. He was completely worn out and so was I, but for different reasons. Janine tried to wake him up and it didn’t work, and Remo ended up carrying him upstairs […]


When someone dies, even someone you didn’t know that well, don’t you feel like everything kind of… stops? For a moment? Like the whole engine of the world that is made up of all the people connected to that person stutters for a second?

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas morning went exactly the way it should for a five-year-old and not bad for the rest of us either. When Ziggy and I arrived at the house, Landon was already completely sugared up and had opened one of his gifts “from Santa”–a toy truck–and was preceding to turn the living room into a miniature […]