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(Thanks to your generous donations, here’s a Saturday post! -ctan) — Claire was conked out when I got back to the house. Chief was nowhere to be seen. Flip was sitting in the living room with a beer in one hand. “I was just starting to wonder if I should send out a search party,” […]

Number One Dominator

I ended up walking to the gas station in the dark, while she and Flip and Chief were stoned and they weren’t paying attention to me. It was a pretty long walk–forty five minutes?–but that was all right. It wasn’t very cold and it was good to get some exercise. Walking back I might feel […]

Honey Drip

(Last chance on the comment challenge to trigger an extra post this Saturday! The comment count stands at 25, which means… we need 25 on this post! Or 10 on this post and 3-4 more on each of the previous 4-5 posts… -ctan) — I ignored the keyboard the next morning and set about caffeinating […]

The Cure: High

You know what else was kind of terrifying? I don’t know if it was Flip or marijuana that brought it out, but Claire had a charming side I had never seen before. As usual with me when I smoked, I got quiet. (I mean quieter than usual.) But Claire came to life.

Good Stuff

When we got to the bungalow there was an unusual sight: a rather large RV pulled up to our carport. At first I thought some campers or hunters had the wrong address, or that our landlady had “accidentally” double-booked the bungalow.

Divine Intervention

We were a good hour’s drive from the catholic church that Claire liked, but somehow that didn’t seem that far away. The bigger a state is, the farther one has to drive to make it seem like a long way. This is why in Rhode Island it’s like, whoa, you’re going 20 miles? You better […]


“Oh, this is lovely.” Those were the words out of Claire’s mouth as she stood at the back door of the bungalow staring into the woods. I honestly could not tell if she was being sincere or sarcastic. I’m pretty sure she was being sincere and I just wasn’t used to it. I looked out […]

Wish You Were Here

I drove to the gas station but I didn’t relish the thought of standing in the cold to talk to Ziggy. I didn’t know where else to go, though.

Call It What You Want

Go on and place your bets now about how long it was before I talked to Ziggy. Go on. I’m sure some of you are numbering the days, while others are thinking of weeks and months. It’s okay. I remember vividly how long some of our previous “separations” were and I know you do, too. […]

She’s Mad

I woke up from a nap a while later. It was dark but, you know, it was winter, so it was only like six o’clock? Claire was out cold. She had picked the bedroom that had the window that faced the back. I had tried to steer her toward the other one, which only had […]