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1091. Achy Breaky Heart

Claire came out of surgery some time that evening. The words I remember the doctor using were that she was “out of immediate danger” and wondering how that was different from him saying “we’ve staved off the inevitable.” Maybe it wasn’t. I didn’t ask. Maybe Remo did. I wasn’t absorbing a lot.

1085. Am I The Same Girl

(If you missed last night’s livestream celebrating the 10th anniversary of DGC, it’s embedded below!) 10th anniversary contest! Okay, let’s do another thing to celebrate. I have a contest for you! Winner gets either a $25 Amazon gift card, or $25 worth of DGC merch: your choice! Below is a list of songs. Some of […]

1084. Low Self Opinion

It’s the tenth anniversary of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! Holy cats, ten years? Yep. Join us Wednesday night for a livestream celebration! Tomorrow (Wednesday November 6th 2019) 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm eastern US time, via Facebook Live and YouTube Live! RSVP on Facebook: Where the Facebook Live should appear: YouTube Live: And […]

1083. Live and Learn

We spent far too long in the shower, to the point that we were still damp and naked when the phone rang again. I answered it thinking I’d tell them we’d call back in a minute, but that did not happen. Which is how I ended up having this conversation with two record company goons […]

1082. Scenario

“How’s your mom?” Carynne asked, the next time we spoke on the phone. I clutched the phone, trying to come up with an answer other than “dying of cancer.” I mean, how are you supposed to answer that. I stammered, “Um, sleeping a lot–?” “Oh, jeez, sorry. I just asked out of reflex.” She made […]