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Wish You Were Here

I drove to the gas station but I didn’t relish the thought of standing in the cold to talk to Ziggy. I didn’t know where else to go, though.

Call It What You Want

Go on and place your bets now about how long it was before I talked to Ziggy. Go on. I’m sure some of you are numbering the days, while others are thinking of weeks and months. It’s okay. I remember vividly how long some of our previous “separations” were and I know you do, too. […]

She’s Mad

I woke up from a nap a while later. It was dark but, you know, it was winter, so it was only like six o’clock? Claire was out cold. She had picked the bedroom that had the window that faced the back. I had tried to steer her toward the other one, which only had […]

Snacks and Candy

We made it to the grocery store. While walking up and down the aisles with Claire I had an uncomfortable but probably inevitable flashback to that time I walked around in a grocery store in California. You remember: that time I gave myself heatstroke after Ziggy left for India. This isn’t going to be that […]

Dig for Fire

At the doctor’s office they took her into a room right away while I sat alone in the waiting room. I paged a little through a two-month-old People magazine but really didn’t absorb much and ended up just sitting there, thinking about Ziggy. The waiting room slowly filled up, and they took more people into […]

Gone to Earth

You want to know why I didn’t call my partner/spouse/other half/love of my life back right away after we had an epic telephone fight? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the main one may surprise you. I mean, of course the next day was hectic. Our plan was to move, after all. And […]

Love Rollercoaster

“Hi.” “Hi.” Ridiculous. I know. But that’s what we each said and then we sat there–or stood, in my case–listening to each other breathe. Ricky tore himself away and shuffled some paperwork while pretending not to listen. I tried to start. “How was dinner?”


When I got back, Claire didn’t answer a soft knock on her door and I assumed she’d gone to sleep. I left all of her things in the car and went to my own room to call Ziggy and pack. I called his apartment first, but there was no answer. They were probably still out […]

Fait Accompli

It was a fifteen minute drive to the Pizza Hut. When I got there the pizzas were ready, and probably already getting somewhat cold, but I hurried over to the pay phone by the restroom to call Ziggy back.

Ballerina Out of Control

The next thing on my to-do list for that day, other than obsessing about Ziggy or my career, was tell Claire about the rental. Now, she knew I was looking at the listings; she had looked through them with me. And she had known I was going to look at a place. Obviously I was […]