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The Waterboys

Colin came back from his workout a little while after that. I’d gotten as far as half-filling the tub with hot water and getting in it. He, naturally, came to check on me. “You look like you gave a chimney sweep a blow job,” he said.

Pop Goes the Weasel

The next morning at eleven Colin went with Flip to the gym. I stayed in bed and told them not to worry because it wasn’t like I could get myself into any trouble while I was asleep. I didn’t fall back to sleep, but I did lie there with my eyes shut, feeling like if […]

Nasty Habits

For the record, I did not pass out on the bathroom floor and make an embarrassing or tabloid-worthy scene a la Lacey Montaigne. Colin and Flip were watching me too carefully for that. One of them had seen me duck into the bathroom and when I hadn’t come out after forty-five minutes they (apparently) debated […]

Brothers in Arms

That night’s show had no collisions. No injuries. And “Candlelight” was the best it had been on the tour yet. On the line about praying, Ziggy crossed himself and everyone in the audience did, too. People talk a lot about God and the holy spirit. I think the most powerful force is humans themselves, the […]

Sweetness and Light

The next day we had our second show in Buenos Aires. No day off in between. It was the first time on the tour we had back-to-back shows and I think I was not the only one who was feeling it. On the one hand it was great to not have too much time to […]

The Proclaimers

(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it. If you’ve been trapped with your biological family all day, welcome back to your rock and roll family. -daron) — This was the absurdist tableau before me: my roadie holding back my drummer from attacking my sherpa who was being held back by my other drummer. One burly, one […]

Beastie Boys

Back at the palatial hotel, Flip and Colin were on me to take a better look at the gash on my head. There was blood crusted in my hair, partly sticking the headband to it, and I was overall gross, so the obvious solution was for me to get in the shower and try to […]


Ziggy was an expert at reading a crowd and manipulating their moods. I wasn’t really, not in a conscious way, which was why I appreciated his skill so much. That night he sensed that what the crowd wanted was more of me. More of him and me together at the front of the stage, and […]


(Site news! Late last night I posted a major DGC news update. Go check it out the excitement here: -ctan) — What happened next was we had to play the first of two stadium shows in Argentina. You’d think I’d be excited to play in front of fans who were chanting my name, right? […]

The Great Pretender

Carynne would later tell me that Argentina was much more “guitar-focused” (her term) than other parts of South America, so if I was going to be chased through the streets anywhere with a frenzy nearly equal to Ziggy’s, it was going to be here. I’m not completely sure that’s true, but it was also the […]