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Voice of the Beehive

“So, why do you hate talking on the phone?” Ziggy asked, a couple of nights later, after we’d gotten into a bit of a habit of talking every night after I came back to where I was sleeping. I appreciated that the place was basically right down the road from the care facility—close enough that […]

Walking on Broken Glass

Before you ask, no, we did not wake Colin up in the middle of the night. He had been right, as usual, about it being important for it to be just me and Ziggy. We woke up in the morning still as tightly wrapped around each other as if we’d slept in a tour bus […]


When Court and I returned from the pizza joint, Ziggy and Claire were holding hands and laughing so hard they were crying. Ziggy jumped up to get napkins and silverware and Court cleared the miscellaneous magazines and stuff off of the table, while I started carefully unpacking the paper bags of food.

Stop Making Sense

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m sure: I’m not sure if I’m a good son. As if I can even define what that means. Case in point, I think if I were a better son than I am, I’d have understood a little more what the hell my mother was talking […]

Movin’ on Up

All in all, I didn’t have that much stuff to move out of the sublet: one duffel of clothes and one box of miscellaneous things that had accumulated during the months we were there. In it were some CDs, a couple of books and magazines, a VHS tape Colin had left behind, a pasta drainer, […]


I woke up the next morning in a vaguely familiar bed, with the glow of indirect sunlight on an eggshell white ceiling above me and the sound of a piano in my ears. It was pleasant and my hand stretched across the cool expanse of mattress beside me. A few high notes were tentatively played, […]

Oh You Pretty Things

Ziggy and I climbed into the shower together with much fumbling and giggling. I don’t even know why we were laughing. I guess because we were trying to be sorta discreet and quiet, which makes me tense, and then because we were both klutzy, me from being hungover, him from general punchiness.

Constant Craving

Albert shepherded us all the way to an absolutely immense reception in the Park Plaza Castle which was basically utter chaos of giddy graduates and their families milling around from one sparsely placed crudité station to another inside a giant stone box. It was a lot of people and a lot of noise and we […]

Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man

The next day was Courtney’s graduation ceremony. You know how people in Hollywood use the word “film” instead of “movie”? People in academia–at least in Boston– don’t use the word graduation. They use the word “commencement.” I’d never really thought about it before, until I saw and heard the word a hundred times in those […]

Right Now

I had drifted off, almost asleep, when the phone rang. I couldn’t think of a clever way to answer so I just said “Yellow.” “Daron, it’s Remo.” “Ha! You weren’t who I was expecting a call from.”