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Everybody Plays the Fool

Ziggy swore and folded his notebook open in his lap as we sat at the piano. “I going to write us an English version of this. I swear she did this just to torture us.” I hadn’t been too bothered by the fact that Priss’s homework assignment for me was to practice these German hymns, […]

There She Goes

Hand therapy wasn’t at all what I expected. The waiting room was full and seemed to be split evenly into two groups. Older, gray-haired people and young, mostly clean-cut people. A lot of the young people were wearing wrist braces. I kept my scarred hand in my jacket pocket. No one seemed to recognize me, […]

What Is Love?

I took the T to my counseling intake appointment. I came out of Kenmore Square in the middle of the afternoon and there were already ticket scalpers in Red Sox hats staking out their territories on the sidewalk. I walked on the overpass of the highway to get from Kenmore to the medical center where […]

Keep On Movin’

I’m not going to lie. Healing was a slow process. It always is. Carynne found us a condo sublet off Comm. Ave. between Mass. Ave. and Boston Common, which put it about four blocks from Bart’s place and maybe ten blocks to the Tower Records where I used to work. The condo belonged to an […]

10:15 Saturday Night

Sarah showed up at Ziggy’s with two shopping bags. One had a couple of her favorite movies on VHS and a pile of comic books. The other had a set of red flannel pajamas for me. I sat on the couch and unwrapped the tissue paper and held them up. “How did you know I […]

I Feel the Earth Move

“It’d be great if it had a piano.” Carynne looked up from the piece of paper on her desk she had been taking notes on. “Why?” “I’ve heard it’s good for hand injury rehab,” I said. I was lying and I had no idea why. I guess because I didn’t want to have to try […]

I’m So Tired

Back at the apartment, as I walked in, Ziggy made a show of checking me over, like he was looking for deer ticks on my clothes. “What?” “Can’t believe Priss left you in one piece.” He had a mug of tea in one hand, the paper tag from the bag hanging over the edge.

Voices That Care

I was not healthy yet when I went to see Priss for the first time after our return to the city. You might’ve thought I would put off seeing her as long as possible. After all, I had an exhausting slew of doctors and therapists for both body and mind that I had to see […]

Flying High Again

(Here it is folks. The first chapter of book twelve, the final book in this arc of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. -ctan) — Which do you think was harder, facing my vocal coach after almost two months on the road wrecking my throat, or facing my friends and co-workers after having spent all night and part […]

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Ziggy Ferias, the love of my life, the man I couldn’t live without, fidgeted for a moment with the laces of his high tops and then he let me have it. The truth. “You know I’m terrible at being direct sometimes. Sometimes it’s because feeling my way through things that could have multiple directions is […]