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I saw a T-shirt the other day that said something like this: there are two kinds of crazy, the kind where you’re sure there’s something terribly wrong with you, and the other kind. I think the shirt was pithier, since that sounds like a lot of words to put on a shirt? What had caught […]

Into the Fire

I don’t know what Janine was hoping would happen. It wasn’t like Claire wasn’t going to notice that my oldest sister wasn’t there. I guess maybe she thought if she could wait for the right moment to tell her, she could minimize the damage? Doesn’t that sound like the kind of thing I would do?

Tell Your Sister

By the time Ziggy and I arrived at the house there was a full-blown apocalyptic argument going on between Claire (of course), Janine, and Courtney. Remo opened the door for us and we made a beeline for the kitchen while the three women had their knock-down, drag-out fight in front of the Christmas tree. Then […]

A Day in My Life (Without You)

In the morning we woke up to find Courtney had already left for Janine’s. She’d gone with Remo, of course. Remo wasn’t exactly what I’d call a morning person, but he had a kind of fortitude for keeping a daytime schedule that I just didn’t seem to have. Maybe it was related to the whole […]

Suck My Kiss

Court had her own room at the motel. Now that Christmas was like a week away the place had emptied out, so there were plenty of vacancies. I said good night to her at her door and said I’d see her in the morning to head over to Janine’s. Ziggy was waiting up for me, […]

Ballad of Youth

“What do you mean, ‘we‘ go to church’?” Courtney had arrived at the airport after multiple delays due to ice storms back east and other weather shenanigans. Remo had left Ziggy at Janine’s to keep Claire company, and had left me at the airport to pick up a rental car of my own while he […]

Mysterious Ways

Later that week we had a tree-trimming party. I don’t actually remember ever having a “party” to do it before. When I was a kid I’m pretty sure that getting the tree up and decorated was a big chore that various family members were drafted into. Or maybe Claire always considered that to be a […]


Remo drove me and Ziggy to look for a Christmas tree. We ended up at some farm where Remo did all the talking. Once the tree was tied to the roof, we got back in the car and Remo was chuckling. “What’s so funny?” I had to ask.

Tell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong

(Sorry for the late post! I tried to do it last night from the train to NYC but the wifi wouldn’t work. I arrived in the city at 3am, and when I got to where I’m crashing I fell asleep before I got it live. Then this morning we had to rush out to Brooklyn […]

Death’s Door

You haven’t felt helpless until you’ve stood outside a door marked Ladies–with your soulmate and the man who raised you–waiting to find out if your mother keeled over and died in a truck stop bathroom stall. I mean, she was probably fine, but…