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Glamorous Life

So I learned a very important lesson about tequila. The lesson was this: I remembered way more about what happened when I was on LSD than after two drinks of tequila. At least, I think it was two. Like I said: I don’t remember. Let me back up to what I do remember.

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

I had figured we would go down to Houston–which, by the way, is pronounced How-stin, not like the city in Texas–and catch a cab, because that was what Antonio had been planning to do. But when we got to the corner, there happened to be a limo sitting there, the driver leaning against the door, […]


It was a long bus ride from Montreal to Chicago, over sixteen hours with the traffic, and we were awake for a lot of it. We listened to the CDs Ziggy had bought. I worked on some songs by myself. Ziggy worked on Sharpie-tattooing a stuffed animal for me. And so on. We had dinner […]