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Here’s the thing about what happened during the show in Atlanta: everyone thought I was drunk off my ass. I wasn’t. After what Clarice had said I didn’t dare sneak an extra drink in before the show, no matter how much I tried to justify to myself that I “needed” one. I didn’t need one.

Same Ol’ Situation

[TW: Racism.] I’ve been here before. I had that thought repeatedly at Lakewood Amphitheater. The loading dock was familiar. The men’s room was familiar. A particular part of concrete hallway was familiar. Over there was where Jonathan kissed me. And there was the spot where Courtney tore Dave a new one. But most of all […]

Cities in Dust

The first show of the tour would be in Atlanta, at an arena officially named the Omni but referred to by the crew as the Waffle Iron because of the shape of the roof, which looked like a—you guessed it—waffle iron. We had several days off in LA before the actual show because the crew […]


It was really hard to stay focused on the set list. After Pensacola, this crowd felt more like a hundred times the size, not ten–or seven or whatever the actual math was. I had been worried about how Miracle Mile was going to be received what with them being a late addition to the bill […]


Miracle Mile arrived that night at around midnight after their flight out of Boston was delayed. Let me give you some idea of what kind of logistics were entailed in the whole operation. Six top-priced last-minute airline tickets. A hotel to put them up for the night. A van to get them from place to […]