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Who Wants To Live Forever

The next day I slept in, which was beginning to feel like a regular occurrence. I had slept even better than the night before, and I didn’t wake up already worrying about something. Amazing. That wall between me and Colin had been more of a weight than I realized. I made a note to talk […]

Everybody Plays the Fool

Ziggy swore and folded his notebook open in his lap as we sat at the piano. “I going to write us an English version of this. I swear she did this just to torture us.” I hadn’t been too bothered by the fact that Priss’s homework assignment for me was to practice these German hymns, […]

Little Fluffy Clouds

The whole Boston-based crew–me, Carynne, Chris, Bart, Bradley, and Courtney–went north for the July 4th vacation week. Ziggy stayed in the city and said goodbye to me with an enthusiasm for the experience of being apart that I think I was finally starting to understand. Now that I was no longer terrified that while we […]

If You Leave

We walked down Boylston Street. The night air was breezy, humid in that end-of-summer way. “I can tell you’re upset,” Ziggy said. “In the sense of, like, the apple cart in my mind flipped over, yeah.” I took a deep breath of the night air. We were passing the hotel where Jonathan and I had […]

Colin’s Story

(I was going to wait to post this next week, but I decided why make you wait? Colin fans, here is Colin’s story, which I read aloud during the anniversary chat on Saturday! Linked below, archived video of the chat, as well as one that links just to me reading Colin’s story alone! -ctan) Warning: […]

Liner Note #28

It’s been a very emotional and distracting week here in the Boston area in 2013, as most of you probably know unless you’ve been living under a media blackout since the Boston Marathon. (And if you have been under media blackout, but are still reading Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, thank you!) Nothing like staying up all […]

Holiday on the Moon

Despite all the coffee, J fell back to sleep after we cuddled for a while. Not sure if I wasn’t much of a cuddler or if it was that I was still antsy about all the things I was thinking about. Or if I just wasn’t used to it. I just hadn’t done much cuddling […]


Late that night insomnia bit me in the ass and wouldn’t let go. I didn’t want to wake J, and I didn’t want him to think if I left–i.e. went for a walk or something–that I was freaking out over something he had said. Which led me to wonder, wait, am I freaking out over […]

When Love Comes to Town

J and I had a long, slow meal at the Oyster House, and it didn’t even occur to me that oysters are supposedly an aphrodisiac. I was too busy talking about the upcoming tour, which J wanted to know all about, and dissecting the show we’d just seen.

Let’s Dance

By April it got warm enough that I started convincing Bart to come out and busk with me, to relieve some of the itch to play and boredom. But he was afraid to bring any of his good basses outside, so he bought a set of bongos and beat on them sometimes, and he had […]