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Everything Counts

I was more talkative than I expected to be through breakfast given that I was on short sleep and I usually didn’t express myself so much in front of people I didn’t know well. But Barrett got me on the subject of rock radio and I guess I couldn’t help myself. “It makes no sense […]

Love My Way

Sunrise on the beach on the West Coast isn’t as much fun as it is on the East Coast. The rising sun is hidden by the cliffs and stuff. But the sky still gets some pretty colors. We drove back into LA. My tattoo itched but I tried to ignore it. Matt had said not […]

Tattooed Love Boys

Getting a tattoo hurts. It hadn’t really occurred to me what was involved exactly. It means someone with a needle is jabbing you so many hundreds of times a second with it that it feels pretty much like they’re taking a jack knife and cutting right into your skin. At least, that’s how it felt […]

Don’t Get Me Wrong

(Welcome to September! We’re back on our Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule! And don’t forget the deadline for the meme contest —click for details— is September 9th! -ctan) — So the thing about live music is that it’s live. It’s not always predictable. And shit happens. A cracked toilet at the venue makes a flood that shorts […]

Crowded House

(Quick announcement! Meme contest! I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and DGC swag as grand prize in a contest for MORE DGC MEMES to celebrate the release of ebook Volume Seven. All the rules and details are posted over here: blog.ceciliatan.com/archives/2459 -ctan) — There were some press people there during soundcheck and I […]

California Uber Alles

Confession time. (I know, I know, that’s all the time. But this one is special.) I had a little bit of a fantasy from time to time that without me Ziggy was leading an out of control diva workaholic life, in which he was being slowly driven insane by the pressures of fame and the […]

Blue Hotel

Ziggy and I rendezvoused that Sunday, our “day off,” at the same hotel in the middle of nowhere as earlier in the week. When I got to the room I realized it was a different one. I said something witty and observant like: “Hey, this is a different room.” “Course it is,” he said, stripping […]

Human Nature

It was so much easier to learn Nomad’s set when I had more than two days to come up to speed. Also I wasn’t the only one coming up to speed, since there was a new horn section (one sax, one flugelhorn). Learning new songs is much more fun, in a way, when you have […]

3 AM Eternal

I shipped my clothes and two guitars ahead and carried two with me to Los Angeles. I couldn’t sleep the night before I left. It wasn’t really like there was any particular thing keeping me awake, either. I just had general jitters. When I got tired of lying in bed I went down to the […]

New Order

My home away from home, eh? I was feeling fancy so I heated up the soup in a pot on the stove instead of in the microwave. We sat at the counter on the island, eating it silently, each absorbed in our own thoughts for a while. You know, it wasn’t just that Remo’s house […]