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Thursday Fanwork: John Mills on a shitty day by Mark Treble

[To sign up for a Thursday post, go here for more information.] The second of the Thursday Fanworks is fiction by Mark Treble, a follow-up to Flip’s Story. Mark’s standard note still applies: This is a work of fiction and all names used are fictional. It is fan fiction based on the “Daron’s Guitar Chronicles” […]

Best of What I Got

Okay. I fully admit that bullshit ideas about how to “be a man” are what turned my father into a toxic waste dump of a human being–probably what fucked up my grandfather, too, now that I think about it–and were very instrumental in all the ways I tore myself apart like a Cuisinart blade spinning […]

Ball and Chain

(Before you read this chapter make sure you caught up on both Saturday and Sunday’s posts! -ctan) Digger and Mills weren’t wearing matching suits but they might as well have been. No ties today, but button-up shirts undone at the top. “Doesn’t sound like his highness is too happy to see you,” Digger said, as […]

Public Image Limited

(Saturday post! I realized I had neglected to count some of the Paypal donations! So guess what? The final total was actually $257 from Paypal. Add that to the Kickstarter total of $5,258 and you get $5,515! So we really did completely meet all stretch goals! To celebrate how amazing you all are, here’s a […]

Room At The Top

(Bonus post triggered by Kickstarter donations! Add your contribution now? Here: http://kck.st/R31kCx) — Christian came home a little while later, in jeans and workboots that were obviously covered in plaster dust. I was sitting in the living room at the time, reading through a stack of TIME magazines that were sitting there and feeling like […]

Paper in Fire

The secretaries were not as fawny as the last time I had been here, but then that time had been preceded by a lot of hype and there was the little matter of the unveiling of the gold record. Or maybe it was just that Ziggy wasn’t here this time. Some junior publicist sat me […]

Bad Case of Loving You

I really wasn’t in my right mind when I got sucked into the conversation with Digger and Mills. But I did anyway. Mills was hanging around backstage, in the slightly larger room from the one we’d kept band-only. Like last night, the music industry people quotient was high here, too, which I expected. After all, […]

Good Thing

I have no idea how this whole thing with the charity show got started. My impression was that Mills had cooked up the idea because he was part of some cadre of entertainment industry bigwigs who were trying to save the rainforest. Pardon me for being jaded but I find it hard to believe most […]

Living in Video

I don’t have anything exciting to tell you about Letterman. It went by so quickly. The whole day was a blur, with a press confab at the BNC offices, a promo photo shoot, a stop at the MTV offices to shoot some little segments for them, and then we got stuck in traffic trying to […]

It Don’t Come Easy

In the end, it was Mills who wore me down, not Digger. On Monday at nine in the morning the phone rang in my room. I had the handset of the cordless next to my bed like I’d been expecting it. Normally I’d have put a pillow over my head and ignored it, but something […]