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Ziggy got up on the stage and clapped his hands for attention–a move that by then I realized he’d picked up from Josie, who’d no doubt learned it from some other dance teacher or choreographer or theater person, carrying on back through generations. Anyway, it worked.


It took almost two hours of rehearsal to get the three dance numbers in the first half of the set to the point that Josie, Linn, Mickey, and Ziggy were all satisfied with what they had. I discovered that when I needed to enforce a rest on my hand, the rest of the band and […]

Into the Great Wide Open

I took a hot shower to ger the kinks out of my neck but at rehearsal I discovered that the band was at least as off kilter after a week off as my emotions were after the experience of the previous night. Part of that might have been that Ziggy, seeming contrite, was subdued and […]

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?

(If you haven’t had a chance to go upvote DGC vol 4, now being serialized on Wattpad, go on over there and click that star icon, please? -ctan) — Nomad moved to a bigger rehearsal space the week before hitting the road. The new place was a former airplane hangar/movie soundstage on the edge of […]

Relax (Don’t Do It)

(Kickstarter ends tomorrow! Last chance at the cool swag, Colin/Daron bonus scene, etc! It all ends at 12noon eastern tomorrow! Also remember I’ll count any Paypal donations made by then to the final total, too! Right now we’re at $4,412, which means only $589 from unlocking ALL the stretch goals! Click to donate: http://kck.st/R31kCx -ctan) […]

Social Distortion

(Tonight is the live video chat! Join me on ustream from 8-10p eastern US time to talk about Daron and how the Kickstarter is going! Have you chipped in yet? Link: http://kck.st/R31kCx -ctan) — It was a little unfair for me to spring a rehearsal on Bart and Chris like that. I think I expected […]

Let It All Come Down

Okay. I’ve been talking about New York and talking about New York for what, thirty chapters or something? Yes, we were busy and had a lot to do there. Yes, a lot happened. But the real reason I’ve been going so slowly is I’ve been avoiding getting to this for as long as possible. And […]


Louis did not lose his shit, exactly, when we told him we were changing the set, but as I think I told you, he’s a pretty deadpan individual, so maybe running his hands through his hair and staring at the ceiling for a few long moments was the equivalent of a tantrum for him. “We’re […]

Cheeseburger in Paradise

So I actually did spend the rest of the day working on a song called “Needs a Bridge,” which turned into just “A Bridge” and quite serious after the first ten minutes, and ate my brain right up until Christian interrupted me to say it was time to leave for rehearsal. By then I’d gotten […]

Back on the Chain Gang

We didn’t work on Candelight that night, but we did do Why the Sky, which far as I was concerned was probably the bigger hit than Candlelight because the video had gotten so much more play. At least that had been my impression. But then I remembered what Jonathan had said, about Candlelight crossing over […]