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Feb Fanworks: Flesh For Fantasy by Chris

Fanworks challenge submission #2, by Chris, featuring Daron/Ziggy/Colin. Delicious. *** Daron usually tells our story. Yes, it’s our story, not just his. We’re all in this together, even when we’re physically apart. When Daron told his fantasy about a three way with Colin, I don’t expect that he thought I’d read it. Well I did. […]

October Challenge Submissions

We had three fantastic submissions this month, and the vampire theme apparently really resonated with Nat, bcynic, and Stephanie. All three are rated GEN/TEEN, meaning safe as houses for most readers and work environs, with a few curse words involved. Thank you all so much for participating! November’s theme will be posted later this week.

Challenge News

Hi, all! Sanders here with news on two exciting things coming up for us as DGC fans. After the success of the summer fanworks posts, I talked to Cecilia about continuing them in a monthly challenge. Amanda agreed to keep wrangling the fanworks, and then S. had a brilliant idea. So, first, Wednesdays are going […]

A Little Normal: fanfic by sanders

That left the unfamiliar LA number that Ziggy had left. I dialed it. A woman answered. I was a wuss and hung up. DGC, Joy Division   “Oh, my god.” I stare at Michael then at the shorter boy—man, I guess I should say, since I’m fairly sure he’s legal to drink—behind him. “Did you […]

A Baker’s Dozen: Fanmix by sanders

The subtitle is “9 songs Ziggy could have sent Daron, and 4 responses Daron surely would have sent back,” because, as Cecilia commented in an email, these two are definitely not above communicating through song. For Ziggy, the lyrics come easy even when the conversations don’t. He stores up words, melodies, images; he speaks in […]

Liner Note #46: February 2015

In this post! Cover reveal for DGC Volume Seven! Fanworks reminder! We discuss taglines! More pop singers who came out! Cool music! And more! ctan: So, both of us have bad enough time sense that here it is the middle of February 2015 and this is January’s liner note. Daron: Oops. ctan: Meanwhile, in the […]