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PART EIGHTEEN: Boys Keep Swinging

I don’t know why I was nervous for the first day of auditions. I was not the one trying to get a gig. I was the one doing the auditioning–I mean, the auditing? What’s the right verb for that? I guess it’s called auditioning both when you’re the one going in for the gig and […]

Crush Story

(Thanks to donations in the Tip Jar topping $100 this week, voila, here’s a Saturday chapter! -ctan) — I’m trying to figure out how much to tell you about rehearsal. I mean, I think it’s kind of interesting but I’m pretty sure my descriptions of it probably aren’t. We settled into a routine where me, […]

Haven’t Got a Clue

So the call went out among our contacts that I was going to be holding auditions for drummers in New York. But we still hadn’t made any firm decisions about the rest of the instrumentation. Horns? Backing singers? Auxiliary percussion? I wasn’t going to make those decisions without talking to Ziggy and Barrett again, now […]

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

It didn’t, of course. Make sense, that is. The world still made no sense when I woke up later but at least I had less of a hangover. I managed to get myself showered and make myself presentable before going downstairs to find out who was there. Courtney was playing hostess to a bunch of […]

Cult Hero

(Reminder of the February fanworks challenge! The theme this month is threesomes and moresomes! Details here: Oh, and I was supposed to remind you all that SPANISH NIGHTS is now live on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited folks to read there: Spanish Nights: An Erotic Novella) — The next morning I was woken […]

Mysterious Ways

(It’d be great if we could get 50 people to take this quick survey about loading times for DGC! Get a timer and go: -ctan) — Bart picked me up at six as planned but with no plan for where we were going to eat. “How about Bertucci’s?” Michelle suggested. She had grown her […]

Move Any Mountain

(Hey folks, help me out: get a stopwatch or a phone that counts seconds and take this quick survey to let me know the loading times for you for DGC:! -ctan) — I’ll give you one guess who the first person was I called about the drumming gig. Martin. It never occurred to me […]

For What It’s Worth

Christian and I went out the next night. We went to a place I had been with Jonathan years before, the Union Oyster House. We got recognized as Somewhat Famous People by the host and shown to a table where we couldn’t be seen from the door. The host, a young-looking guy but with his […]


I barely moved until the last song, a Spanish-language version of “Do It,” played, and then there was the sound of the needle hitting the end and I jerked reflexively before realizing that this was a tape of the vinyl. I hit rewind and sat up. I swung my feet over the edge of the […]

How Much Is Enough

Okay. Here’s something that happened in New York that wasn’t a meeting. That night, after we’d eaten, and danced, and drank, and fucked, we were lying side by side in Ziggy’s living room bed, listening to the ambient rumble of wee-hours New York, and he said, “Couple of years ago?” “Mh-hm?” I thought he was […]