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Who’s Going to Ride Your Wild Horses

Maybe it was the blow to the head. I don’t know. Maybe that whole day would have been weird no matter what. Weird and surreal and unbelievable. It wasn’t intentional. The blow to the head, I mean. Landon was properly sugared up and running around like a kid should on Christmas, playing with all his […]

All I Need Is You

(Here’s the chapter that should have been up yesterday! -ctan) — I want to take a moment to try to express how important Ziggy was to me at that moment in time. The night before, after I’d seen Claire to bed, he and I had cuddled by the tree while Courtney set up a spot […]

Sick as a Dog (Today’s chapter will be late…)

I’ve never had to do this before, have I? In nine years? But I have say it this time: chapter will be late! Those of you who follow me on social media know I caught a cold on my last day in Japan last Friday. Not only was that right after the last chapter went […]

Good Time

A minute later Sarah burst in. “Oh my God, I’m sorry to crash your party but arrrghhhhhhhh!” She made a long, low scream of frustration. “I had to get away from my mother.” Jordan shooed her toward the table, where there were more chairs than people, while he went to get another wine glass. “I […]

Louisville Meetup: The Recap!

So here’s the story of the DGC Meetup in Louisville! This plan got hatched when I realized that four of DGC’s most active commenters–Sanders, S (aka Stef), Chris (rck), and Bill (aka Mark Treble)–were all within driving distance of Louisville, Kentucky, which was one of the places I was planning to visit on my way […]

Bart’s Best Bass Songs List

Okay. About five years ago I told Daron I’d do a Liner Note. Maybe six. Not sure. I promised some day I’d give you guys my list of best bass songs ever or something like that. What this actually is, is the list of songs that probably influenced by young mind the most and why […]

Cover Poll and Liner Notes: February 2017

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to pick a cover for volume 11 of the ebook compilations. Please leave your feedback in comments below, or just vote in the poll (if you’re on LJ or RSS you may have to click through to the original post to make sure your vote […]


Ziggy and I slept in the same bunk. Good thing we’re small. We didn’t conk out right away. We lay there, spooned, our heads on the same pillow, talking quietly for a little while. “I guess I really can’t get out of going to your family Christmas this year,” Ziggy said with a low chuckle.

Fanworks: Song “Relationship Status” by Megmakes

As promised, here’s another song that Meg sent! She writes: The background on this one is: Basically it’s kind of a song-ified version of Chapter 584, “Touch and Go”, and some of Daron’s frustrations preceding, therein, and further perpetuated by the chapter. When I first read it I was just as surprised as Daron was […]

I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)

Daron. That’s my name. Daron. It’s probably the only thing my parents gave me that I like. Daron. It has a nice sound to it and I like the way it looks when it’s written. I know that’s the weirdest crumb of a thing to have good self-esteem about, but there it is.