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Merry Xmas from Daron: The Candlelight Story

(Listen to this as a 30-minute audio file on Soundcloud or watch video on Youtube!) Dear Readers, Okay. It’s Christmas. I have a Christmas gift for all of you. I have a story to tell you that I didn’t tell you before because… I don’t know. I wasn’t ready to tell it, I guess. But […]

Protected: Bonus scene!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Liner Note 44: October 2014

Whoops, I missed September’s liner note entirely. It’s been kinda busy. I do have some site news to catch you all up on, though, regarding Daron’s Guitar Chronicles and related stuff: 1) Livejournal mirror works again. — Turns out the WP to Twitter plugin I installed when I upgraded WP somehow broke the LJ plugin, […]

Last hours of the Kickstarter! UPDATE: DONE!

And we’re done! Woo! The Kickstarter is done! And in the end the grand total including Paypal donors came to $5,458! So all rewards are unlocked! I’m totally ecstatic. We’ll be doing individual paperbacks as well as the omnibus, and as promised everyone will be getting a backstage pass! Those who ordered physical rewards will […]

Kickstarter Update: 60 hours to go!

Well! Today a LOT of folks got motivated to become backers of the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Kickstarter. The combination of the sexy bonus chapter and the deadline approaching spurred a rush. Backers jumped from 80 to 94 (98 when you count Paypal!) between 8am and 8pm, and the total amount raised leaped from $3637 all […]

Protected: Bonus Scene for Kickstarter Backers Only

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Liner Note 41: May 2014

ctan here! I’m sneaking a liner note in on a Friday because there WILL BE a Saturday story post tomorrow thanks to the amazing day today that the Kickstarter had… the day on which we REACHED GOAL! Yeah! As I write this the total is up to $3,524, so if no one downgrades their pledge […]

Kickstarter update! One third of the way through! 20 days to go…

It has been a busy 10 days since the Kickstarter ( launched and I wanted to catch everyone up on how the campaign is going. We topped $1,000 on the very first day, but the next $1,000 took the next 9 days to reach, so you could say things have slowed down a lot. We’ve […]

Liner Note 40: April 2014

ctan here. Okay, first the main news for this liner note: NEW KICKSTARTER! Yes, it’s been two years since the last Kickstarter and it’s time for another. My plan this time is to put Ebook 4 and Ebook 5 (comprising the whole cross-country tour) into one omnibus paperback. I’m estimating that it will come out […]

Liner Note 39: DGC Financial Statement for 2013

I backed a Kickstarter today. I felt amazingly good when I did it for two reasons. One, I got to help someone who is trying to make something creative happen. Two, I felt I didn’t need to obsessively check my bank balance before I did it. When I first joined Kickstarter in 2011, that wasn’t […]