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WeSeWriMo is Here

Tomorrow starts the month of August, which mean’s it’s Web Serial Writing Month, aka WeSeWriMo, as organized by the wonderful folks at EpiGuide. It means that Daron’s Guitar Chronicles will be posting 3 times a week in August regardless of Tip Jar status! And I’ll still make an ADDITIONAL post per week for each time […]

Liner Note #24: Reader Poll

In today’s liner note, recent songs that me and Daron like, and the long-awaited poll. Not only has it been a while since we did a reader poll, it’s also been since May that I did a fundraising push here on the site: this’ll be the first since the Kickstarter! I figured I’d combine them […]

Liner Note #23: Guitarists and Sex

In today’s liner notes, a whole bunch of links about—get this—guitarists and sex. No, really, but first an update from your writer, me. It’s been an odd several months here at DGC central. Those of you who follow me (@ceciliatan) on Twitter know my health has been wonky. I don’t think I’m a candidate for […]

Site News & Updates

Cecilia here, with some site news. AUGUST WILL BE SPECIAL August is Web Serial Writing Month, aka WeSeWriMo! The fabulous folks over at sponsor this madness every year. Daron’s Guitar Chronicles took part in 2010, had to skip last year during our hiatus, and so this year, we’re doing it again! The goals are […]

New bonus story & Kickstarter news

Okay, it’s a Sunday, which isn’t a regular posting day for DGC, so here are news and notes about the Kickstarter which is ongoing and other cool site news! Kickstarter The Kickstarter stands as of this writing at 86% funded! $2,367 pledged, $383 to go. Posting Schedule Plesae note that as soon as the Kickstarter […]

Give me your favorite songs from the Eighties

OK, it’s official. Daron’s Guitar Chronicles will start posting again on November 10th, with a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule. As before, any week where the Tip Jar gets $25 or more will trigger a Saturday post, as well. Sales of the ebooks through the DGC site will count toward the Tip Jar total, as well! What […]

New DGC posts coming soon

This morning I dug out a closet full of winter linens to run them through the laundry before the weather turns cold, and discovered my Yamaha classical guitar in its case at the back of the closet. I asked Daron what happened to his. He said he sold it when he left music school and […]

DGC ebook, volume 3, coming soon…

I’m working on the third volume of the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles ebook series. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover! Volume 3 will encompass though chapter 201 and include Ziggy’s story, as well. Volume one is still free right now on and Smashwords, and volume two is on sale on those sites for $2.99. […]