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Liner Note #44: October 2014

Whoops, I missed September’s liner note entirely. It’s been kinda busy. I do have some site news to catch you all up on, though, regarding Daron’s Guitar Chronicles and related stuff: 1) Livejournal mirror works again. — Turns out the WP to Twitter plugin I installed when I upgraded WP somehow broke the LJ plugin, […]

Last hours of the Kickstarter! UPDATE: DONE!

And we’re done! Woo! The Kickstarter is done! And in the end the grand total including Paypal donors came to $5,458! So all rewards are unlocked! I’m totally ecstatic. We’ll be doing individual paperbacks as well as the omnibus, and as promised everyone will be getting a backstage pass! Those who ordered physical rewards will […]

Kickstarter Update: 60 hours to go!

Well! Today a LOT of folks got motivated to become backers of the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Kickstarter. The combination of the sexy bonus chapter and the deadline approaching spurred a rush. Backers jumped from 80 to 94 (98 when you count Paypal!) between 8am and 8pm, and the total amount raised leaped from $3637 all […]

Liner Note #41: May 2014

ctan here! I’m sneaking a liner note in on a Friday because there WILL BE a Saturday story post tomorrow thanks to the amazing day today that the Kickstarter had… the day on which we REACHED GOAL! Yeah! As I write this the total is up to $3,524, so if no one downgrades their pledge […]

Liner Note #40: April 2014

ctan here. Okay, first the main news for this liner note: NEW KICKSTARTER! Yes, it’s been two years since the last Kickstarter and it’s time for another. My plan this time is to put Ebook 4 and Ebook 5 (comprising the whole cross-country tour) into one omnibus paperback. I’m estimating that it will come out […]

Volume Five ebook now available!

Teensy bit of DGC news: the volume 5 ebook is done! (Contains chapters 319 through 388, originally serialized from October 23, 2012 through May 28, 2013.) It’s live on the Amazon Kindle Store, will be live on other sites soon, and all three formats (PDF, ePUb, mobi) can be downloaded for a donation made through […]