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New ebook is live! DGC Volume 6!

I know I said I was originally going to release this on January 5. Then I realized I’m going to be on vacation in Disney World that day. Aha. Fortunately my proofreader finished quickly, so I bumped the release day up to December 29th! Which is today! Book Six should now be live on both […]

Merry Xmas from Daron: The Candlelight Story

(Listen to this as a 30-minute audio file on Soundcloud or watch video on Youtube!) Dear Readers, Okay. It’s Christmas. I have a Christmas gift for all of you. I have a story to tell you that I didn’t tell you before because… I don’t know. I wasn’t ready to tell it, I guess. But […]

Liner Notes for November 2014

ctan: Welcome to another liner note with me and Daron, where we fill in background info on DGC, provide site news, kibbitz about the music industry, pop culture, LGBT representation in the media, and other of our favorite topics. In fact, we hit so many topics in this one here’s a preview: -Kickstarter & ebook […]

Liner Notes: October 2014

Whoops, I missed September’s liner note entirely. It’s been kinda busy. I do have some site news to catch you all up on, though, regarding Daron’s Guitar Chronicles and related stuff: 1) Livejournal mirror works again. — Turns out the WP to Twitter plugin I installed when I upgraded WP somehow broke the LJ plugin, […]

Liner Notes: August 2014

It’s a crazybusy week for me (Cecilia) because I had a book launch yesterday so I’m in the midst of a flurry of guest blogs appearances, chats, etc. (I’ll be on my uStream channel live tomorrow 8:30-9:30pm talking about the book SLOW SATISFACTION: But I wanted to update you all on some stuff going […]

July 2014 Liner Note

ctan: I think we’re overdue for a liner note, aren’t we? Daron: You’re asking me a time question? ctan: Point. Well, let’s do one anyway. I didn’t want to interrupt either your angstfest or your lovefest for one. Daron: You… that’s… (shakes head) How’s that Kickstarter fulfillment coming along?

Liner Note: May 2014

ctan here! I’m sneaking a liner note in on a Friday because there WILL BE a Saturday story post tomorrow thanks to the amazing day today that the Kickstarter had… the day on which we REACHED GOAL! Yeah! As I write this the total is up to $3,524, so if no one downgrades their pledge […]

Liner Note April 2014

ctan here. Okay, first the main news for this liner note: NEW KICKSTARTER! Yes, it’s been two years since the last Kickstarter and it’s time for another. My plan this time is to put Ebook 4 and Ebook 5 (comprising the whole cross-country tour) into one omnibus paperback. I’m estimating that it will come out […]

March Liner Note: DGC Financial Statement for 2013

I backed a Kickstarter today. I felt amazingly good when I did it for two reasons. One, I got to help someone who is trying to make something creative happen. Two, I felt I didn’t need to obsessively check my bank balance before I did it. When I first joined Kickstarter in 2011, that wasn’t […]

Liner Note February 2014

ctan: Okay, so yesterday, we finished one whole section of DGC. Any comments about that? Daron: No comment. Well, it’s actually that I can’t comment without giving spoilers. You’ll all find out what I did next after you find out what Ziggy did next. That’s all I’m allowed to say. You should tell people about […]