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You know what liner notes are. Song lyrics, clippings, meta-stuff, maybe even art, who knows?

Chat Transcript Pt 4

11-16 18:55 sanders: If you have good recs on places other than AO3, I’ll happily take them. My LJ ability to find things has decayed since the Archive got big. 11-16 18:55 Ver: You’d think he’d know by now that it always comes out anyway. 11-16 18:55 Cecilia Tan: People can continue chatting here too […]

Chat transcript Pt 3

11-16 17:25 Cecilia Tan: So even if some people reacted one way to something, it’s unlikely that reaction would be universal. 11-16 17:25 daron_moondog: Steve is. 11-16 17:26 Lenalena: He is? Where is Steve? 11-16 17:26 daron_moondog: He’s a reader who comments once in a while and who donated to Jonathan’s story. Dunno where he […]

Liner Note #36: Part 2 – chat transcript continued

(continued from part 1) 11-16 17:03 Cecilia Tan: How? 11-16 17:03 daron_moondog: I sneezed. Whoom. Fortunately he didn’t knock the laptop off the desk when he flew off. 11-16 17:03 Amy: I may have to try that on Pod… He’s being very demanding. 11-16 17:04 Cecilia Tan: These cats are very skittish of certain things. […]

Liner Note #35

Daron here. Kind of quick liner note today. ctan’s too busy to do her part, so I’ve just got some various things to share with you. NEW CHAT ROOM! First, check it out. We installed a chat room here on the website. It’s at, and we’ll be hosting a live Q&A chat with me […]

Liner Note #34: More on the 4th Anniversary, site stats, etc.

ctan: Okay, we seem to have settled into this thing where every liner note we try to one-up each other with cooler and cooler stuff. Daron: I didn’t realize it was a competition. I think it’s just easier this way than trying to wrestle the keyboard away from you. ctan: Right. First we should talk […]

Liner Note #32 (WeSeWriMo #2)

Okay, ctan here. All right, as of today, the month of August comes to an end, and with it Web Serial Writing Month. You’ll be happy to know we’ll have one more story post tomorrow, though, to wrap up the 3x a week thing we promised, just to be on the safe side. We also […]

Liner Note #31: Where Are They Now?

ctan: So, it’s Web Serial Writing Month, and we promised readers not only three posts a week this month, but two liner notes! So here’s the first one. At the point we are in the story, it’s the very end of August 1989. Daron: Okay, how about today let’s talk about some folks who were […]