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You know what liner notes are. Song lyrics, clippings, meta-stuff, maybe even art, who knows?

Liner Note #29

Someone asked me the other day how long I planned DGC to be. The truth is I don’t know how long it will be. I have various events in the plot planned out, but my estimates of length I’ve tried to make so far have always been wrong. I certainly never expected that the two […]

Liner Note #28

It’s been a very emotional and distracting week here in the Boston area in 2013, as most of you probably know unless you’ve been living under a media blackout since the Boston Marathon. (And if you have been under media blackout, but are still reading Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, thank you!) Nothing like staying up all […]

Liner Note #24: Reader Poll

In today’s liner note, recent songs that me and Daron like, and the long-awaited poll. Not only has it been a while since we did a reader poll, it’s also been since May that I did a fundraising push here on the site: this’ll be the first since the Kickstarter! I figured I’d combine them […]

Liner Note #23: Guitarists and Sex

In today’s liner notes, a whole bunch of links about—get this—guitarists and sex. No, really, but first an update from your writer, me. It’s been an odd several months here at DGC central. Those of you who follow me (@ceciliatan) on Twitter know my health has been wonky. I don’t think I’m a candidate for […]

Liner Note #21 and WeSeWriMo wrapup!

I promised two Liner Notes this month for Web Serial Writing Month. August just ended, so here’s the second and final one! In September we’re going back to two posts per week (Tuesday/Thursday), unless donations within a week surpass $50, in which case a Saturday post would be triggered. Here are some ruminations. Queer History, […]

Liner Note #20

Here we are, halfway through WeSeWriMo (WebSerial Writing Month) and here’s the first of the two promised Liner Notes for the month! First off, Kickstarter news. Stickers have been ordered. Backer surveys have gone out to about all the levels up to $25. I’ll be getting to the levels that include T-shirts next after I […]