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Everybody Plays the Fool

Ziggy swore and folded his notebook open in his lap as we sat at the piano. “I going to write us an English version of this. I swear she did this just to torture us.” I hadn’t been too bothered by the fact that Priss’s homework assignment for me was to practice these German hymns, […]

Hole Hearted

(Monday at midnight is the deadline for turning in Orlando-themed fanworks! Knowing what was coming up in today’s chapter would land around then, I timed it that way on purpose. You’ll see why. -ctan) — I successfully avoided any and all family drama while we were in Miami. Go me. And I did my vocal […]

Power and the Passion

Both the Musician and Rolling Stone interviews were awkward because both writers clearly seemed to smell a scoop and wanted to dig into all kinds of questions about Star*Gaze and Jordan’s involvement and they couldn’t help but ask me stuff about Ziggy’s upcoming tour. And I just kept trying to steer them back to talking […]

Coming Out of the Dark

I did as Flip did when I pulled up at Remo’s, stopping short of the garage door and leaving it closed, to keep things quiet. As I slipped the key into the front door I had a ridiculous deja vu to sneaking back into my parents’ house in New Jersey.

Your Mama Don’t Dance

I think I told you about how Digger got drunk at one of my sisters’ piano recitals. I haven’t told you about my own, though. When I was ten years old, my youngest sister (Courtney, five years old) and I were forced into piano lessons. I’m not sure exactly how I had escaped doing it […]

Once Bitten

I have this memory from my early childhood, one of those things you forget and then periodically remember. I must have been maybe four or five, and my older sister Beth was doing a piano recital. The recital was at the piano teacher’s house, and all her current students had little songs to play while […]

Carry On Wayward Son

When I was a kid I always thought I wasn’t happy because of this or that, kids at school being mean to me, or my mother forcing me to do things I didn’t want to (or preventing me from doing things I did). Claire was always on my fucking case, even when I was small–don’t […]

Heart of Glass

The first time I sang on stage was one night at Maddie’s in 1980, when I was thirteen. Let me revise that. First time I sang lead on stage. This was before Remo had put me into the regular gig; I was just getting up there once in a while for a thrill. At the […]

Promises, Promises

Not thinking about Digger was harder than usual. After I left Remo at his hotel, I walked back to the Aquarium first, to drop off the Strat there, which gave me twenty minutes to listen to Tollman’s boots click on the sidewalk and figure out how I felt about the whole thing. I made my […]