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Take My Breath Away

Two more days went by before I went back to the hotel for a real shower and a break. A few times Claire had looked around and made eye contact, but it was like she was looking at us through one-way glass and couldn’t see us looking back at her. Ziggy came with me and […]

A Day in My Life (Without You)

In the morning we woke up to find Courtney had already left for Janine’s. She’d gone with Remo, of course. Remo wasn’t exactly what I’d call a morning person, but he had a kind of fortitude for keeping a daytime schedule that I just didn’t seem to have. Maybe it was related to the whole […]

Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)

My eyes took a while to absorb the words on the back of the record cover, maybe because of the low light level, which remember Jordan had done supposedly for the good of my concussion. (Maybe it had worked, too, because I felt fine, if tired.) The single in my hands, I learned once the […]

I Still Believe

I managed to sleep a few more hours after that. Get tired enough and no matter how fucked up my life is and I will always beat insomnia eventually. It’s not always convenient when I do, but it wasn’t like I was on a schedule right then. “Hey,” Ziggy said when we were halfway through […]

(Breaking) The Back of Love

Say what you will about Jonathan, one thing he was always good about was letting me preserve my stupid shreds of masculine dignity. When he came in, my head was so far up my ass it took me a moment to even remember where I was and why. Oh fuck. I stood up quickly and […]