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(Sorry for the late post, everyone. Technical difficulties! -ctan) — It felt like everything started to move really fast once we got to New York. For one thing, that first day we were hurried everywhere. A radio station, the BNC offices, a photo shoot at some hip cocktail bar while they were closed. The shoot […]

All Day and All of the Night

The Patriot Center was a fairly new sports and concert arena on a college campus in Virginia, which sounds more remote than it actually was, just off the Beltway by a few miles. We had permission to park overnight and load in a day early. It was a heavy press day. Carynne took all four […]

She Bangs the Drums

Bart and I did some press first thing in the morning without Ziggy, who was supposedly sleeping in, and Chris and Trackie came along, which I thought was a bit odd, but I eventually figured out from the conversation that the place we were going was somewhat convenient to a drum store. We were at […]

Fortress Around Your Heart

We had a suite with two attached bedrooms, while the other bands were down the hall a little: Topher and Magenta in one room, Rol in another. MuchMusic had delivered a rather large fruit and candy basket and two bottles of wine to the suite. I didn’t see any reason why all seven of us […]