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Dear God

There was a moment of panic on my part when I realized the guitar I had there in Tennesee was the Miller, the low-action acoustic guitar Bart had given me years ago, and not the Ovation. Not that there was anything wrong with the Miller. The main problem was the case didn’t have the same […]

Los Angeles

I still think it’s weird how my entire outlook on life changes for the better when I’m having enough sex. More to the point: how it changes–for the worse–when I’m NOT having enough sex. Ziggy left on a business trip to Los Angeles a week later. Before he left we played around with Bart and […]

Lonely is the Night

I don’t know what time it was when I went to sleep. I woke up what felt like hours later, and lay there feeling sort of stiff and uncomfortable, so I got out of my bunk. Everyone else was asleep, or at least in their bunks with their curtains closed. Walking up and down the […]


You don’t actually want to hear a lot about rehearsal, trust me. We settled on afternoon as a better time than evening, so we got there before rush hour and left after it. Most of it, well, there’s not a lot to tell. We played the songs. We played them many times. We worked on […]

People are People

The bed felt really empty when I was trying to get to sleep. Which turned into an endless loop of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” by the Police in my head. Which turned into me turning the light back on and jotting down some notes for a song, which turned into the writing out […]

In Between Days

So, what did I do for the two weeks while the others were gone? Watched a chunk of Christian’s video collection, dragged out my old method books and flexed my fingers, and slept a lot. What do other people do with themselves? I found myself wondering, not the first time I’d tried to imagine how […]

(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

It was two o’clock when I went up to the studio, and from the look of the pile of gear inside the door Chris had been there and then left. I set about setting up his Roland D-50 for myself on the off chance that I might have to play it. I was never a […]

Twice Shy

I tried to sleep, I mean really tried. Lay down, closed my eyes, recited the circle of fifths, tried to remember as many alternate tunings as I could, stuff that put me to sleep during theory class but which didn’t work now. I kept flashing on that moment, his hand reaching toward me and me […]

New Sensation

When I returned to Boston it was definitely winter, not fall, anymore. Christian handed me the cassette tape from the answering machine. “There’s a ton of calls on here,” he said. “I had to put another tape in the machine.” I sat in my room with the phone, returning most of them the first day […]

All the Young Dudes

In the morning I got through to Bart and asked him if he wanted to see a show at the Orpheum. “Why, who’s playing?” “Duh, I am.” He showed up at the hotel the morning of the show. He’d cut his hair again, so short in places that it almost looked straight. My own head […]