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412. Don’t Let Me Down

We walked toward the Sunset, though if it was really crowded there we might keep going until we found somewhere quieter. The Sunset had many many beers to offer, and the result was usually many many people trying to get in. “You hungry?” he asked. His feathered hair fluttered as he walked. “Carynne took me […]

411. It Ain’t What You Do, It’s the Way That You Do It

Carynne, it turned out, had been talking to Christian a lot. And Lacey. After her collapse in LA, Lacey had gone through a rehab almost as intense at Ziggy’s, but at a less famous place, because–get this–her mother didn’t like how many paparazzi photos she saw in the tabloids of other celebrities leaving Betty Ford. […]

211. Lips Like Sugar

I was in my room the next night, half spaced out listening to Led Zeppelin–which I blame entirely on Chris, who was always trying to get me to listen to more “classic rock” even though I didn’t actually have any deficiency in that area–when I realized someone was knocking on the door. I pulled the […]

103. Our House

The doorbell woke me up a few hours later and I knew Digger was back. Everyone in the band had a key to the house and wouldn’t have rung it. I started changing my clothes, then remembered I’d put these on clean before I fell asleep. The hair on the back of my head was […]