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521. Relax (Don’t Do It)

(Kickstarter ends tomorrow! Last chance at the cool swag, Colin/Daron bonus scene, etc! It all ends at 12noon eastern tomorrow! Also remember I’ll count any Paypal donations made by then to the final total, too! Right now we’re at $4,412, which means only $589 from unlocking ALL the stretch goals! Click to donate: http://kck.st/R31kCx -ctan) […]

518. Social Distortion

(Tonight is the live video chat! Join me on ustream from 8-10p eastern US time to talk about Daron and how the Kickstarter is going! Have you chipped in yet? Link: http://kck.st/R31kCx -ctan) — It was a little unfair for me to spring a rehearsal on Bart and Chris like that. I think I expected […]

435. Hounds of Love

In the morning I examined whether my idealism about the relationship being dead was actually the same thing as the relationship being dead. In the morning I felt less fatalistic about it, anyway. Maybe a good cry does that. These are the thoughts I had in the shower after Jonathan left for work: Maybe I […]

426. A Little Respect

Bart and I went and played a session together before he left. I had actually turned down a job knowing he was going to be there, something Chernwick wanted done really quickly, but I guess things didn’t happen as quickly as he thought, or maybe they got someone they didn’t like. I don’t know. Guitar […]