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Casting Call: Other supporting cast

Character Overview This callout is for characters who play smaller roles in DGC – mostly introduced via other more significant characters .

Casting Call: The music biz

Character Overview Not just a story about a talented musician navigating the music scene in the ’80’s while being gay – DGC shines a light on the biz itself. This callout is for characters who work (or hang onto those who work) in the music biz.

Casting Call: Friends… and more

Character Overview The story covers a number of years and throughout, friends and love-interests appear – and disappear. This callout is for characters who play an important part in the life of our hero Daron as either friends or lovers.

Casting Call: Family

Character Overview Growing up, Daron’s family life left a lot to be desired. When Daron moves out on his own, he tries to leave his family behind.

Casting Call: Ziggy Ferias

Character Overview Ziggy Ferias is a singer, performer, “orphan vampire child.” (His last name sometimes spelled as Farias). Ziggy is a significant figure in the story, both musically and as Daron’s love interest. Ziggy is charismatic, talented and difficult. We see him through Daron’s eyes except for a brief POV change where Ziggy takes over […]

Casting Call: Daron Marks

Character overview Daron Marks is the main character of the Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. Daron narrates the story. He’s a guitarist who escaped New Jersey after high school graduation by going to music school in Rhode Island. Daron takes us on both a professional and emotional journey throughout the story. We get to know Daron through […]

The Wonderful World of Webcomics. Recs by Lenalena

In this last one of my contributions to the Daron fanposts this summer, I will present you with a few free LGBT-themed webcomics (earlier, we’ve done free short original fiction and free epically long original fiction). There are many, many, many LGBT webcomics, and I encourage you to explore as many as you can. There […]

The Other Side by Chris

Based on Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, Chapter 38 “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by Cecilia Tan He stood staring into his closet as if it held the secrets to the universe. Would choosing the right outfit really make a difference to what he had planned? He glanced over his shoulder at his bedroom. He had a […]

Any way you want it… by Amber

And as if he were proving my point of last night, Ziggy was bristling with manic energy, throwing himself from place to place on the stage while he sang; the wireless mic freed him to whirl like a dervish, to collapse at my feet. I played looking down into his eyes while he lay on […]

Fan post: Web fiction epics – recommendations from Lena

If you’ve read this far in DGC (we’re in, what, volume 8?) then you love long stories, where the overarching plot takes hundreds or even thousands of pages to resolve. In DGC, it is the question of Daron and Ziggy ever being together (in something resembling a healthy relationship). Sometimes that plotline is at the […]