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Orlando Fanwork: Art by Amy

Any thoughts on what Ziggy’s wand would be made of? Daron’s would clearly have a core of guitar string ;) (A note about the Orlando fanworks & fanworks submitted earlier in the year. I apologize for how long it’s taking to get them posted. I hadn’t counted on traveling taking up July in the way […]

Orlando Fanworks Challenge: Sugar Cain by Mark Treble

It’s been a rough week. Daron has been working us like a slave-driver for what seems like months. Now, we’ve got to forget everything (or memorize everything, who knows?) for about six weeks, then rush through getting ready for the tour. Today’s the last day before the break, thank God. Can’t believe my luck, a […]

Feb Fanworks: Free For All by Stef

Third of three submissions for February’s threesomes and more challenge, written by Stef, featuring Ziggy, Daron, and Colin with all the hang-ups we know and love in Daron, and all the sexy reassurance Colin and Ziggy are so good at offering. *** How did I end up in this situation? Me, of all people. I’m […]

Feb Fanworks: Flesh For Fantasy by Chris

Fanworks challenge submission #2, by Chris, featuring Daron/Ziggy/Colin. Delicious. *** Daron usually tells our story. Yes, it’s our story, not just his. We’re all in this together, even when we’re physically apart. When Daron told his fantasy about a three way with Colin, I don’t expect that he thought I’d read it. Well I did. […]

Feb Fanworks: Tits for Tatts by Bill Heath

First of three submissions for the February Fanworks Challenge, with the theme of threesomes or moresomes. Enjoy! *** Barrett was speaking. “OK, you get tomorrow off to take care of personal stuff. Get your partying done tonight, because tomorrow night you’re going to bed early. We leave the next morning for South America.” We all […]

February Fanworks Challenge

For February, the fanworks challenge is changing a little. There’s no image and no video, just a trope to work with. We’ll return to October’s format in March. Read on for the details.

October Challenge Submissions

We had three fantastic submissions this month, and the vampire theme apparently really resonated with Nat, bcynic, and Stephanie. All three are rated GEN/TEEN, meaning safe as houses for most readers and work environs, with a few curse words involved. Thank you all so much for participating! November’s theme will be posted later this week.

October Fanworks Challenge

First, my apologies for this post being a week late. I had held back due to the liner notes last Saturday, and then got hit with a wave of ridiculousness from the rest of my on- and offline life, including a cross-country flight. I’m in the Seattle area for another two weeks if anyone’s local […]

Challenge News

Hi, all! Sanders here with news on two exciting things coming up for us as DGC fans. After the success of the summer fanworks posts, I talked to Cecilia about continuing them in a monthly challenge. Amanda agreed to keep wrangling the fanworks, and then S. had a brilliant idea. So, first, Wednesdays are going […]

A Little Normal: fanfic by sanders

That left the unfamiliar LA number that Ziggy had left. I dialed it. A woman answered. I was a wuss and hung up. DGC, Joy Division   “Oh, my god.” I stare at Michael then at the shorter boy—man, I guess I should say, since I’m fairly sure he’s legal to drink—behind him. “Did you […]