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Let’s Talk About Sex

I took a long shower as if that could thaw my frozen brain. It didn’t work. But Ziggy didn’t object and he didn’t rake me over the coals or anything so that was good, I guess? When I emerged from the water I spent a very long time combing my hair. I had conditioned it […]

Real Men

In the end we hired a trumpet player Mitch knew and liked working with and who Marvelle knew from other gigs, a serious-looking chap with round glasses named Lorne Acevedo. He was from New Orleans and had played with Wynton Marsalis. Fran and Clarice booked to come in for two weeks of full band rehearsal […]

This Corrosion

(Guess what? The DGC Kickstarter reached funding goal last night! There are three days left in the campaign so if you haven’t pledged yet, you’re running out of time! -ctan) — Working with Priss was kind of exhausting because I had to pay so much attention to something that I normally paid no attention to […]

Hit the Ground

Colin and I had the following very terse conversation after sex. I don’t know if the terseness demonstrates how well we knew each other at that point or that we were emotionally stunted. Me: Something’s changed. Him: Yeah. What, though? Me: Dunno. Him: Is that bad? Me: Not sure. Him: Not sure either. Me: Should […]

Middle of the Road

That night I asked Ziggy super-casually if we could hit Limelight. I had no idea if Jordan would be there but he had been at least half the times I’d gone over the past couple of years, even when he wasn’t deejaying, and in the far back of my head I had this inkling that […]

Walking on the Moon

I met Jordan for that drink while Ziggy went to a training session of some kind that he didn’t want to skip. He didn’t say whether it was voice or dance or something else and I didn’t ask. My hands itched a little because now it had been two whole days (three?) since I’d played […]

I Still Believe

I managed to sleep a few more hours after that. Get tired enough and no matter how fucked up my life is and I will always beat insomnia eventually. It’s not always convenient when I do, but it wasn’t like I was on a schedule right then. “Hey,” Ziggy said when we were halfway through […]

Red Red Wine

Delmonico’s was a classic New York restaurant of some repute, apparently. I had kind of thought so from the name but with Ziggy it was hard to predict if he wanted to go somewhere obscure and out of the way or ritzy and exclusive or high profile where we’d “see and be seen.” This was […]

Add It Up

Tony knew where to park a limo temporarily at the airport and left the two of us in there while he went inside to stand around with the other limo drivers holding up a sign with Jonathan’s name on it. I was sure J would recognize him anyway since he knew we were coming to […]

Step On

So, yeah, we went to pick up Jonathan–after a couple more pages back and forth and then a phone call to confirm his flight information and make sure he was okay with being kidnapped by us that night. Apparently, he was. Tony was happy to have something to do in the meantime, so we had […]