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679. I Still Believe

I managed to sleep a few more hours after that. Get tired enough and no matter how fucked up my life is and I will always beat insomnia eventually. It’s not always convenient when I do, but it wasn’t like I was on a schedule right then. “Hey,” Ziggy said when we were halfway through […]

677. Add It Up

Tony knew where to park a limo temporarily at the airport and left the two of us in there while he went inside to stand around with the other limo drivers holding up a sign with Jonathan’s name on it. I was sure J would recognize him anyway since he knew we were coming to […]

674. Slave to Love

Ziggy returned a short while later with a bag of groceries from the bodega a few blocks away and a pizza. “Barrett dropped by,” I told him, while we sat on the wide sill of the window with the open box of pizza between us. “To make sure I was the reason you weren’t answering […]

673. Freedom of Choice

In the morning–afternoon, actually–I asked him, while we were still lying in bed, “What did you call me last night?” “Mphhh?” Ziggy said from where his face was buried in my hair, of which there was a lot in those days, even stick-straight as it was. He propped himself up slightly, just enough to get […]