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Orlando Fanwork: Art by Amy

Any thoughts on what Ziggy’s wand would be made of? Daron’s would clearly have a core of guitar string 😉 (A note about the Orlando fanworks & fanworks submitted earlier in the year. I apologize for how long it’s taking to get them posted. I hadn’t counted on traveling taking up July in the way […]

Feb Fanworks: Flesh For Fantasy by Chris

Fanworks challenge submission #2, by Chris, featuring Daron/Ziggy/Colin. Delicious. *** Daron usually tells our story. Yes, it’s our story, not just his. We’re all in this together, even when we’re physically apart. When Daron told his fantasy about a three way with Colin, I don’t expect that he thought I’d read it. Well I did. […]

October Challenge Submissions

We had three fantastic submissions this month, and the vampire theme apparently really resonated with Nat, bcynic, and Stephanie. All three are rated GEN/TEEN, meaning safe as houses for most readers and work environs, with a few curse words involved. Thank you all so much for participating! November’s theme will be posted later this week.

October Fanworks Challenge

First, my apologies for this post being a week late. I had held back due to the liner notes last Saturday, and then got hit with a wave of ridiculousness from the rest of my on- and offline life, including a cross-country flight. I’m in the Seattle area for another two weeks if anyone’s local […]

Challenge News

Hi, all! Sanders here with news on two exciting things coming up for us as DGC fans. After the success of the summer fanworks posts, I talked to Cecilia about continuing them in a monthly challenge. Amanda agreed to keep wrangling the fanworks, and then S. had a brilliant idea. So, first, Wednesdays are going […]

A Little Normal: fanfic by sanders

That left the unfamiliar LA number that Ziggy had left. I dialed it. A woman answered. I was a wuss and hung up. DGC, Joy Division   “Oh, my god.” I stare at Michael then at the shorter boy—man, I guess I should say, since I’m fairly sure he’s legal to drink—behind him. “Did you […]