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Deeper Shade of Soul

We didn’t go out clubbing every night I was in New York. No, sometimes we stayed in the studio all night instead. Somehow Jordan always had the energy to be awake before me the next day. Sometimes he had to go to meetings. At one point he was gone for almost a day and a […]

International Bright Young Thing

So living at Jordan’s turned out to be like living at Grand Central Station. There was always someone interesting coming or going. Musicians, songwriters, deejays, New York art scene people—it wasn’t always clear who was connected to him for actual work and who was just there to hang around. Then again, I suppose making connections […]

Crystal Clear

When Sarah went to the ladies room, I wasn’t entirely surprised when the next person who sat down next to me was Jordan Travers, who I gathered was also something of a regular at this hangout. “Trav, awesome to see you.” We exchanged a complicated handshake I had almost forgotten about.

Glamorous Life

So I learned a very important lesson about tequila. The lesson was this: I remembered way more about what happened when I was on LSD than after two drinks of tequila. At least, I think it was two. Like I said: I don’t remember. Let me back up to what I do remember.

World Party

The first person who accosted me in the main suite was someone I hadn’t been expecting but maybe should have. Lacey Montaigne hit me with a sing-songy “Da-ronnn!” and kissed me on the cheek like we actually knew each other. Fine. I know how to be nice to girls. Growing up with three sisters, it […]

Blues from a Gun

Spring in Boston comes a lot later than it does to New York. When New Jersey is yellow with forsythias and daffodils and stuff, up here we’re still looking at gray skies and piles of dirty snowplow snow. We’re talking way into March, sometimes April. People still have ski racks on their cars and snow […]

Pop Will Eat Itself

“Everything come out alright?” Chris said. “Yeah, fine.” No one said anything for a few minutes while we ate, mouths full. And then Jordan started the talking the next time. “So how many tunes do we have to work with?” He was picking pieces of fatty beef out of his noodles with chopsticks and eating […]

Mirror In The Bathroom

Ziggy and I didn’t try again during the rehearsing. Personally I felt fine the next day as long as I didn’t think about what had happened. He did not bring it up and I was not seized with the urge to scream again. I kept my distance and he kept his. Essentially, we went back […]