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415. Sick of It

Okay, here’s a question for the guys in the audience who have sisters, especially little sisters. Pop quiz. What’s the right thing do when you accidentally walk in on her crying? To be more specific, when you’ve climbed an outcropping of rock near the beach because you’re kind of feeling like you want to get […]

370. Who Wants to be the Disco King

We ordered lunch delivered. It wasn’t worth causing a scene to go downstairs and eat in the 24-hour coffee shop. I still believed that Bart and I could’ve without attracting too much attention, but we were forbidden when Toph came back upstairs with the latest headcount on the crowd outside. I felt a little bad […]

338. Lonely is the Night

(Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Tuesday, so here’s our regular Tuesday post, even though it’s Christmas…) — My wake up call came in the form of Courtney knocking on my door. I could see her through the peephole when I went to groggily look who it could be. I opened the door and blinked as my […]

293. Classic Girl

Courtney talked for two hours straight about our mother’s latest insanity. Get this. When Digger left? It was because she was cheating on him. With a born-again preacher. The only reason they went through with a formal divorce was so she could legally re-marry. He gave her everything, which I guess amounted to the house, […]